Welcome to this website, an archive of my art, poetry, travel writings  and photographs

The Journey Begins…


David Tolley, my late friend and mentor who taught me to see.
Irene Barberis, for taking me under her wing at art school.
Dale Hickey, to whom I posed the question what is the colour of shadows, (see poem entitled Purple),and to whom I gave my very first painting.
Pat Hoffie for her generosity and inclusiveness in opening several professional doors for me.
Michael Baartz, for sharing collaborative journeys and his idiosyncratic being.
Karen Wilton, for making this website and riding the journey with me.
Many good friends who have encouraged and supported me in various ways.
I would also like to acknowledge my late parents for all that they were and all that they gave and my Jon, for always being there, giving me space and keeping me laughing. Thank you all.

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Bonney Bombach

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