It’s launched!

Hi dear friends, it’s launch day!

This is what I’ve been up to over the last 6-7 months – making a website,  together with my friend  and web designer Karen Wilton who set up the structure.  Having put off doing this for some 20 years (all seemed too hard, too time consuming), things  suddenly  fell  into place – the time was right and dear Karen  was ‘there’.

I have long  felt the need to have some sort of archive of my 35 years of art-making but also wanted a platform to include my other creative pursuits – poetry, photography  and travel writing, all of which will be further augmented over time, so if interested, keep an eye open for this.

It has been so much fun and quite a learning curve for this techno-idiot and Karen has been the best teacher. We had a lot of laughs along the way especially about the  sometimes difficulties understanding one another’s ‘language’- techno vs. arty stuff!

Please enjoy ambling through bit by bit from time to time. It is my  hope  that it may also be of use to aspiring artists, students and who knows else.

12 thoughts on “It’s launched!

  1. Very classy. Well done, will recommend to others. Looking forward to following. Acacia quartet this weekend in M’bah, would you believe. (Arvo part & Mendelsohn) New author for you to check: Lloyd Jones -Mr Pip, The Cage, Hand Me Down World, etc. Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  2. hey baartzy, thanks darling! looking forward to getting back,into,more poetry writing again now.,thanks for book recommendations- here’s some for you- Conspiracy of Dunces, absolutely wful, clever, imaginative and extremely funny. And Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton.Talk soon xoxox, and to maryanne, enjoy Acacia! Lovely program.


  3. Bonney
    Wonderful! I am excited for you. Looking forward to your adventures.
    The website is very well done.
    Write On…


  4. Congratulations Bonney! Worth all that long grind. Left a message on your photos which are a treat, the whole site is wonderful and captures your spirit beautifully! Xx


  5. Congratulations Bonney and what a journey! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you – I can’t imagine ever having such incredible material to design a website for again. Such a talented artist and writer, I’m looking forward to seeing where you take the site from here. Big hugs, Karen


    1. Of course the pleasure and fun has been mutual, a dream team?! Cant begin to express my appreciation for all the time,effort, suggestions, and unswerving eye attention to detail. What a great web-designer you are and dear friend. Yes, am thinking in time to add past travel journals as some have encouraged and will do it, as you suggested, as a blog rather than make this enormous website even bigger. And soon hope to get back to work on my poetry and eventually add more to the site.x bb


  6. Bonney, you astound!
    So do your respondents who like your site
    One referenced a book I have known and loved for decades…and which you are “required to read” It’s that goofy, hilarious “Confederacy of Dunces”…. OMG i love NOLA, that wicked, tasty place.
    Your art is wonderful. One sculptural piece looks like it could have been made by my
    dear friend, now deceased, Richard Lippold.
    ! also like the “kinda cubist” self-portrait… which I assume it is, that is on your home page.
    More to come…to you


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