More poems, a little rap about (mostly) bird life and happy 2020

Hello Again and Happy 2020! Perhaps this will bring its own special inspiration and insights, which would be welcome in the face of much that is ailing here in Oz (most immediately the unprecedented bush fires) and in the world at large. I feel blessed to be able to balance this by staying ‘present’ in our immediate environment, which offers up a variety of treasures. Bird life takes precedence in recent months

Amongst the many birds we supplement feed through this great extended dry, three Butcherbirds grace us with their presence daily. Two of them are operatic virtuosos.  For the most part, they make their little cheeping sound requesting food. Two take it from the hand, the third, younger or shyer, comes within a metre of us. He is expert at catching on the fly, never failing regardless of where we aim.

Today’s delight –one sings to us for about five minutes, then  the second takes over and fifteen minutes later is still at it. It is spellbinding and I sit with him and interact making the odd whistle. For those of you unfamiliar with this bird, do yourself a favour; go online to seek their song. It is remarkable for its variety of sounds which are clearly generated from different parts of the body-beak, throat, chest etc ranging from tiny squeaks to chirps to lyrical unfurling passages.

A few weeks ago, two baby Kookaburras left their nest in the hollow of the eucalypt on the foreshore. We had been feeding the family members for about four weeks, watching them eat a little and conscientiously take the rest back to the nest. Within a week or two, I spotted the first tiny fledgling perched in a high branch on my morning walk. Then I spotted a second one. The family continues to come to our balcony railing for hand-fed treats to take to them and in the last few days the babies have come much closer to the house, perching on the Poinciana trees at the back of our garden facing the sea.  Next step was to see the babies landing on our railing, bit by bit allowing us closer, still being fed by a family member. Thrillingly, it was graduation day a few days ago when for the first time I threw some meat to the far end of the deck where one had landed and watched it tentatively hop to and then take the food. Its sibling flew from the railing to the same place and followed suit!

Finally some rain! 45mm over the last few days after nothing to speak of since March!

Already new leaves, citrus blossoms and tiny shoot of grass emerge. And the frogs. There will be more insects for the birds and we can reduce the hand feeding. We are in a rain shadow here so, as per usual, Airlie Beach & Proserpine, less than 50 km away, have had over 200mm in the same period.

So that’s the rap but also to let you know that I have added another six poems to the poetry section today and about the same number a few weeks ago. Poetry fans please enjoy.

7 thoughts on “More poems, a little rap about (mostly) bird life and happy 2020

  1. Thank you Bonney, thats a lovely entry for your diary, so much birdlife to watch as they go about their business but also you have developed a relationship with them. Those photos are gorgeous I love each one. I was thinking of you as I did a search for Cap’s amazing.. and I now see where it is situated geographically. it would be a great adventure to go and stay for a while CXX Oh Happy New Year!!



  2. Hi Bonney a lovely birdy story. I agree the Pied butcher bird is the best songster on the block especially just before it rains. Still in NZ we will call on return. Happy New Year dear ones. Bee Ian & Reilly xx


  3. Hello Bonney,

    Best to you and the doctor for a terrific 2020. Here’s hoping it’s one of the best!

    Such a lovely email from you. Love seeing the pics of the various birds and hearing of their daily escapades.

    Back to work for me tomorrow after spending a few days at the beach. Fires have been terrifying this past week and it looks as if Rod’s brother’s girlfriend has lost her house in Mallacoota. At this stage Rod’s brother’s has survived but this will depend upon wind changes and the forthcoming weather conditions later this week. So sad for many people.

    Little Miss Britt flies the coup later this month so life will be a bit quieter without the youngest in residence. Rod is off to Columbia in Feb for the duration of the month on a well deserved holiday. Might have to get in a lodger ……..ha ha.

    All the very best to you and young Jon.

    Much love. Rosie xxoo


  4. Hi Bonney,

    How I loved this post. I was transported to your garden and could just see (and hear) the little faces of your “babies” as they await their titbits from “Mum”. Absolutely Joyful!!! Uplifting!! We need this at the moment with the horrors of the bush fires down south. I think we have all rejoiced here over the last week with all the beautiful rain we have been having. Our garden has transformed almost overnight from a dry tinderbox to a lush and green paradise again. Yes we do feel blessed and wish we could share with others who have missed out.

    It has been super busy as always here and I am still not quite right with my upper respiratory tract infection so still keep losing my voice. Too much chatting maybe!! Had a fabulous Xmas down south with the family. Simon and Julia have been here over the last week and left today. We loved every minute of their visit but now I think life will regain some normality.

    BTW as I was here in my office this morning catching up with my back log of office work, I listened to a gorgeous podcast on radio national. It was called ” Cooking for Assimilation” and I think the program was called earshot. It was just delightful and it somehow made me think of your parents and their experience arriving in OZ, See if you can hear it on a podcast.

    We must catch up soon. Not sure whether you are home or away but wishing you and Jon a very happy , joyful and healthy 2020.

    Roz xxx


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