Bali 2020 photos

Hello again! Been home from Bali almost 2 weeks, Corona virus has spread far more, glad we arn’t out there travelling now, lots of hand-washing and care to you all! I do hope it wont impact too badly on any of you.

Today something unexpected and charming occurred- our old magpie pair haven’t produced babies for years but keep trying – building nests, taking food we give them back to the nests. Our geneticist friends, Pete and Jane, who are also magpie experts, think our pair are weirdos, trying to reproduce out of season etc. Father magpie, Dadita, turned up today, happily eating food I threw down onto the deck as usual; shortly thereafter, to my great astonishment, a baby appeared, so I put some food on the railing for it, stood back a little and before the baby could get to it, Dadita, grabbed it. I shooed him away, put more food out and behold, a second baby arrived! So there you have it, two healthy little magpies who no doubt will be eating from our hands in due course. My face could barely contain my grin!

Those following my Bali journal on the Home Page under Posts can now go to Travel Writing, Bali 2020, and find photo-documentation of the trip with headings mirroring the journal entries. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Bali 2020 photos

  1. No doubt those black & white birds are the best !!! 🏁🏁🏁Go Pies!

    Yes COVID-19 I’m over it – working with it daily it’s becoming something quite unbelievable. Things are changing by the hour not by the day any more. I’m contemplating using some of my 100 sick leave days and getting out for a while. Need help in your garden ?? 😜😜 much love. Rosie xx


  2. Great pics! Thanks. Pic of Wyann is really good although the brothers Wills look better than they really are. Miss you guys already.  The Coruna issue here is greatly complicated by the inept federal responses.   More to come.   Dave


  3. What a beautiful little story. Just goes to show that good things come to those who wait – even in bird land.

    See you soon I hope. xxxxx


  4. Hi Bonney

    Yes better that you¹re back here rather than there with an unreliable health system and unreliable date on the spread of coronavirus.

    The gorgeous Aziza came for lunch yesterday with her very tall and handsome son Akrem and despite the health warnings we all hugged ­ I had a mate along to advise Akrem about study options and work ­ he¹s no in the Asylum appliction process which, although he¹s been here for 5 years already and has a child whom he financially supports, he could face another 6 years of legal processes before getting a final determination. Hopefully only 3.

    I went to see the new lawyer with them and she¹s very good.

    Our best to you and John




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