WAIT WAIT…THE WAITING IS OVER, here comes Africa 1973!

Hi Everybody,

First in the Time of Covid, I have to say that I trust and hope you are all well…most of my ‘Followers’ (and I really have little notion of how many of you follow this stuff) are people I am in regular contact with so I know YOU are all OK but for any others, Stay Safe. Its a horrible situation; we in Australia are SO fortunate.

So, announcing that the first part of the promised retrospective writings from extraordinary travels through parts of Africa in 1973 is now up under Travel Writing. From when I commenced this writing until now, there has been a break as I have been in hospital getting a brand new hip (3 weeks ago) and only in the last few days have I been up to writing and organizing photos etc.

Part 1 is The Mahgreb, across the top of north Africa. Stay tuned because in a few weeks I will be putting up Part 2, The Mashriq, Egypt & Sudan.

Keep on truckin’

All good things,


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