Just to let you armchair travellers (arn’t we all for now anyway?) know that I have completed Part 2: The Mashriq (Egypt and Sudan) of AN AFRICAN JOURNEY:1973, located under TRAVEL WRITING. Part 2 continues on the same page as Part 1, The Mahgreb (N. Africa) so just keep scrolling down. There are lots of interesting photographs again and a reminder that you can click on any image to enlarge and also see the title. Here is a quick link to it:


Also just want to say g’day, hope all are OK, especially you folks outside of Australia who are contending with Covid in a way we blessedly don’t have to, and to let you know I am thinking about you all. I am half way through my three-month hip replacement recovery, doing well but champing at the bit to get out and about into proper walks etc. I also want to wish everyone well for the Silly Season and more importantly for a much better 2021

Please let me know if you would like to be (re)invited to receive email notifications of Posts either to follow any blogs I put up, or when I add anything else to the website.

Big hug to all of you who I know.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Hello Bonney,

    Lovely reading – I haven’t as yet finished it but I simply love it – makes me once again feel I am back travelling – wishful thinking on everyone’s part no doubt! You are such a wonderful descriptive writer.

    How’s the hip faring – I hope all is on track and you are progressing well.

    Thinking about you and Jon with the bad weather reports coming in from up north. I hope all is well and your little piece of heaven is dealing with it ok.

    I’m back in the office full time again. We close next Wednesday and have a break until 4/1 which will be very nice.

    Best to you both for the festive season – lucky we can all share some fun times together. Will cheers you both with a few glasses of bubbles!

    Much love – Rosie xxoo


    1. Hey Rosie! I think I have succeeded, somehow, if this writing makes you feel like YOU are travelling again, never more so than now when none of us can travel anywhere much and certainly not overseas. Ah, but weren’t those the days when intrepid and young! It will never be like that again though the ability to be amazed, delighted, horrified, moved, to take off on tangents always thankfully remains. The tangental happens for me best when alone, mini-adventures when Jon return to our digs for some ‘down time’ and my insatiable curiosity pushes me out for ‘just a bit more’ looking and seeking.)
      You ‘Mexicans’ down south are so funny, no one seems to know where we really are even though you have been here. But thanks for your concern. The weather event is so far from here, N. NSW/S.E Qld…we are STILL waiting for even a drop of rain. SO dry! Let’s just hope no cyclones hit us this summer.
      Happy Silly Season, glad you were able to return to the office you love so much, hope 2021 is a much better one for all. Talk soon, x Bonney


  2. Hi guys, hope things are going well up the other end of Hydeaway bay. We have been rather out of things as pete has been pretty crook. Spent much of the last week asleep on couch…interspersed with short periods of activity for things such as netting the lemon tree after the cockies got in and picked off a huge number in one morning. He seems to be on the mend now and should no longer be infectious. Just has a nasty cough. Hope we will still be welcome tomorrow night. I have been lucky so far….just a mild sore throat and headache for a few days. Better now. Do you still need us to bring you charcoal? Cheers J


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