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Going though my cupboards a couple of months ago I made a wonderful discovery-a box of original colour slides from the Mahgreb and Egypt and immediately had them digitized. Rather than slotting them into the appropriate section of the existing text, I have added them at the end, so those interested in looking will find them with ease. If you love images and are interested in the African journey, please go to TRAVEL/ AN AFRICAN JOURNEY,1973

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  1. Wonder wonderful magical amazing.. how incredibly lucky to have travelled during such a time of freshness and the freedom!, to do it. Oh lucky us and a huge plus that artists like you dear Bonney did it and recorded those travels so beautifully.

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    1. Well wern’t they marvelous times! I DO consider myself extremely privileged to have done such adventurous travels. Documenting was and still is something I feel compelled to do-writing and artwork or photographs…not a photographers daughter for nothing! But you are right to talk of freedom -partly due to our youth but also ‘the times’. Thanks for your comments. As always, Lainest, much appreciated x


  2. Enjoyed immensely as usual. You amaze me with the memories you recall and the precise information contained therein.

    Looking forward to the finished kitchen photos.

    Much love, Rosie xx


    1. Rosie, another loyal follower…but it is great to know a few people read and look and enjoy. Thanks. Remember, its not my memory of 50 years ago that can take the credit for all ( yes for some parts of the Africa travels) but finding copious notes for part of it. Certainly any travels made over the last 10-15 years are well documented…cant help myself, just love writing…. and sharing. x Kitchen! Outside camp kitchen interesting today as we had more unexpected rain, lots!


  3. Hello Bonnie and Jon I wanted you to know Jack is very ill. He was in the hospital in May and they removed fluid from around the heart. The Dr deleted his cancer drug because it may have been the reason of the fluid. He is not able to focus or speak legible. He still home but with hospice.. I pray all is well with you two. Love Cyndi

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    1. Well that’s an interesting comment-food for our next conversation. The complete absence of tourists in Egypt of course due to the war having JUST ended made for a unique experience and elsewhere eg Sudan, well in this case things politically are SO much worse in recent years than when we were there.x


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