thanks you’s & snippets

The most recent Post Not Yet Over the Hill brought quite a few generous comments, some of which are on the site. But a few others sent comments via emails which I thought I would share anonymously as the diversity of what was said was interesting and gratifying. It is good to know that people relate to it in their various ways. Thank you all. This is what they said:

This one strikes a chord because I am also 78 and have many thoughts about ageing and relationships.

Thank you so very much for sharing what has been and still is(!) a fabulous life! Full of love, nature, travels and wisdom. It is always a joy to read your writing.

You’re always sending such evocative photos. Methinks your dad left an indelible mark on you.

I have just finished a lovely ‘laugh out loud’ few minutes…… reading your latest blog. What a scream, I could see it all !!! Thank goodness Jon remembered the 3 step ladder. I was though, waiting for the often heard comments….. ‘but you shouldn’t be climbing ladders‘.

Well no harm done on the ladder but I did take a nasty fall at my local recycling tip this week which has left me a bit bruised, grazed and battered- nothing serious but slow, sore and hobbling….which has opened up more writing, sitting, contemplating and watching/listening time. So, for what it it’s worth….

Animal lovers may enjoy utube segments from the Cincinnati Zoo on Fiona, the little hippo born six- weeks prematurely in 2017… a lovely story of dedication, resourcefulness, care and survival. And another on a baby rhino practising charging.

What I love about u-tube is that when I am reading up on something of serious interest, in this case an avant-garde American jazz saxophonist/composer, Julius Hemphill, the dropdown menu on the left brings up other items (clearly related to stuff I have shown an interest in the past- yes, what is privacy?), such as the above animal clips….and down the rabbit hole I go!

Jazz lovers may enjoy Esperanza Spaulding who my pianist friend Susan in the USA drew my attention to. Jazz bassist, singer, songwriter, and composer. She is now a Harvard too. If you are fascinated by the process of music-making, you might, like me, enjoy the long u-tube videos of her project Exposure as well as many others.

And if you want to round out your education across many fields and enjoy the highest level of journalism, check out the New York review of Books (NYRB)

And finally, a little treat: some pics of my Phaelenopsis orchids below. Stay well and safe, listen to the birds, look at the trees and stay tuned…working on some more Posts.

Over and out! Bonney

2 thoughts on “thanks you’s & snippets

  1. You a You are a star – your writing is beautiful and the photos really lifted my spirits – flowers, paintings, photos , travel all wonderful !! I’ll have you know that my second bedroom is the Bonney room – everyone of your paintings is in there and they give me great joy! Hugs and love to you and Jon xxx❣️❣️ Sent from my iPhone



    1. Obieviolet Mon! Thanks, you are SO generous in your comments but more importantly I am so delighted it lifted your locked-down Melbourne spirit darling! And No I didn’t know you had all my paintings there and again so happy that you still love them. – will have to come and have look when we eventually get to Melb. xx


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