Such a long wait!

Hello again. A few people have commented on my ‘absence’. It is always a bit of a thrill to know that there are a few who apparently eagerly await my next offerings! I hope I will not disappoint. It’s also quite strange for me, this online ‘publishing’, the fact that it goes to such a range of people, from my nearest and dearest right through to people I don’t know at all, especially when it comes to such a personal story.

I have been working on this Memoir piece for some months. It is my parents’ Émigré story, their life in Vienna leading up to when they fled from Nazism in 1938 to the safety of a new life in Australia. It is also the story of my maternal grandparents, Max and Lola, who didn’t make it. Not easy to write, but finally for me an imperative. All the more so in the light of what is now happening in the Ukraine. And be warned, some of it is probably not easy to read.

My darling late mother had a phrase that rings in my head, accent and all: It’s not such a nice world we live in, she would say in response to terrible things that occurred out in the world at large. And as you will see, she had plenty about which to feel this way. Fortunately this was, as for me, balanced by great appreciation of all that was/is good and beautiful!

Whenever I thought I had finished Parts 1& 2, it seemed further information came to me and I was constantly adding to it. Thus it has proved to be too long a piece for a Blog/Post, and due to its nature, more appropriately placed under WRITING in the main menu. I have included many photos and hope you find it interesting and perhaps informative.

Part 3 is underway but will undoubtedly take many months again, (phew, you can breath easy!) It follows the early years of my parent’s life in Melbourne and some stories of my early years growing up as the child of emigrants.

I hope life has been and continues to be good for you all despite the challenges we face. I send my warmest greetings.

14 thoughts on “Such a long wait!

  1. Thanks Bonney. I’ll look forward to reading your piece and will probably incorporate some of it in my family history data and story. I just wish I knew more about my own parents and their stories. Best, Steve 😀

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    1. whoops, what I wrote disappeared! By now you will have the real thing. Pls confirm. Also, I sent both you and Franz the section I wrote re Tante Sophie ages ago but neither of you responded so I went ahead without your ‘approval’. Is Franz OK?. Are you settled in yet? hope to hear from you soon , also Tom who said he looked forward to receiving this piece. Use whatever you want from it. x


  2. Such an insightful and personal narrative Bonney. All sorts of emotions came forth whilst reading it. We are so lucky to have and be where we are today. Thank you. xo


    1. these are lovely things you say Rosie, brief but of substance, and indeed reminds of how fortunate we are to be here! Thank you.
      Hopefully your package will arrrive soon! xx


  3. Hi Bonney and Jon, thanks for your update. Waiting with bated breath for your next! X from the cold and windy southland.Suzette Sent from my Galaxy


    1. Hiya! Cold and windy down there eh…hot and more rain coming here!
      So, have you also meantime received the actual piece? Hopefully, published the same day or day after Such a long wait…in WRITING. When are you due back? String of visitor coming here but all good.xx


  4. Thank you, this was very interesting, and congratulations on keeping the family story alive and in such luminous detail.

    Very best wishes, Libby


  5. Hi Bonney I read your intro which absolutely whet my appetite for the main event but alas, try as I might I can’t get into it…no doubt my I T guru (all of 18yrs old) will set me straight soon and will be back in touch. I was very impressed by Janet’s cave dwelling memoir…as an evocation of time and place it was very powerful stuff . Take care soon BD


    1. very pleased to hear all this except that you couldnt get into the actual writing piece/ Wonder why? Hope others havent had same problem. I did send you direct link into the site in the interim. xx


      1. Hi Bri! well, if your appetite was whet but you cant get into not, not sure why, here is the direct link which Janet suggested I send.
        My techie will, when she has time, put a link into the piece which will give people the option of reading as PDF file but of course that wont include the images of which there are too many to print out! You would need to look at them on the site. Pls do let me know that you are now able to access it and hope to hear from you. x BB


  6. Happy Birthday Bonney,

    Hope you have a fabulous day filled with happiness. 🍰🍹🎉🎁

    Much love Rosie xxoo


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