Hi again everyone,

Finally here it is. This time, due to its length and content, I have placed the piece under WRITING in the main menu. Here is the link:

I had a few people I wanted to thank personally for various input they contributed, so I sent them separate emails a few days ago advising them of the published piece. To all of you, please excuse this doubling up.

I am very pleased to have finished Parts1 & 2 including the ‘heavy’ stuff and hope you find it interesting and informative, if challenging in part. You may be waiting again for quite a time for Part 3 which will further follow some of the emigre story of my parents’ life in Australia before merging into my experience growing up as a child of emigrants…lots of happy stories here however.

Best regards to all,


7 thoughts on “THE ÉMIGRÉ STORY

  1. Hi Bonney

    I loved Part 1 but it must be difficult for you to write, and I have often thought how this long distinguished line comes down to you ­ a woman of many talents.

    Louise hates reading from the screen so I pressed Print.

    Big mistake.

    80 Pages later ­ and probably need to replace the ink cartridge!

    Each photo gets its own page in the Print version!

    Anyway ­ looking forward to Part 2.

    Lots of love and hoping for a good result tomorrow.




    1. Thanks for this Bruce. Oh yes, big mistake about the printing! Just as well you are a rich man! That was actually Pts 1 &2 so presume you read to the end as I am sure you will have. Yep, fingers crossed for tomorrow, very close I gatherm yuk! x


  2. What an incredible story Bonney!! Thank you for sharing x adds so much to the story having the photos. So sad about Max and Lola.



    1. Thank yo so much, Miss Pink, your comment means a lot to me as it’s difficult to gauge people’s response when hardly anyone comments and I think few even read. It’s just as lonely being a writer as a painter! But I am so glad I pushed through with this one. Time to talk soon? Melb visitor arrives tomorrow for a wk, one of many this year making up for the past 2 yrs! but maybe after she leaves. xx


  3. Hi Bonn, so I read your Emigre account, it is interesting to put a real family story into the context of so many accounts/novels that we have read. It’s a sad account with so many losses and disconnections, an awful part of history that is far behind us..but not so far really, and Im always aware that similar atrocities have happened in other parts of the world since then. Love Cath



    1. Thanks for this Cath. Hop you didn’t feel ‘obligated’! Well at least I have some friends who don’t feel they have to back away from ‘sad stories’! Sadly, this is part of life and history and important to keep alive for the very reason you stated, that war and atrocities continue. The older we get the more perhaps we come to understand that persecution of the ‘other’ seems to be part of human nature, though the Holocaust, because of the breadth of Hitler’s misguided ‘vision’, its sytematic execution an the numbers killed stands pretty well alone, doesnt it. xx


  4. Sorry about the delay in responding to your story. The main reason that I have not really read this is that we have been travelling more or less continuously since the beginning of the year At the moment we are on The Ghan on the way to Darwin The second reason is that I’m having a problem with my eyes. Can’t read properly unless liighting is excellent. I have an appointment with an eye specialist when we get home which is not until July 2. Will be in touch with you when I have read it. Love S

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