An Even longer wait!

Hello All,

The Émigré Story continues and Part 3, Starting Anew, is now up on the website under WRITING The Émigré Story – Part 3 . I have a few keen followers and trust none of you have been waiting for this installment with bated breath as by now you would be well and truly dead! When I started writing this story, I had no inkling that it would become so expansive; it seems the more I write, the more I unearth, so perhaps a brief recap is in order. And as with my related artwork of the 1990’s, underpinning it all is the knowledge that, though this is my parents’ story, it is also mine. And the plight of refugees is universal and timeless.

Part 1: begins in Vienna, the birthplace of my parents, Hans and Gerta. It traverses the years of rising antisemitism and oppression, of Hitler’s rise to power, and the desperation to seek an escape from Europe. It ends in Australia in 1939 shortly after their arrival, grateful to have found refuge. The Émigré Story – Part 1

Part 2: is the grim story of my maternal grandparents, Max and Lola, and the failed attempts to save them from their terrible fate in the Holocaust. The Émigré Story – Part 2

The writing of Part 3, Starting Anew, has been a challenging and fascinating journey with unexpected insights into my parents’ younger lives and my early childhood experiences. I hope it is as interesting for you too. Parts 4 and 5, already underway, will be forthcoming, and who knows what else? But it will be a while, so please keep breathing!

Please note there is a text-only DOWNLOAD for each part for those who dislike reading on computers or other devices.

And for the curious, the new banner image for The Émigré Story is an early work of mine from the late 1970’s, titled The Story of my Family, perfect for this piece. It depicts the world my parents left behind, the war, our little family, and life in Australia. The rest you must fathom yourselves; it will become recognizable only from the story yet to unfold.

Enjoy life despite personal challenges and those of our times. I wish everyone the absolute best for the Silly Season and for 2023 and send my warmest greetings.


5 thoughts on “An Even longer wait!

  1. Thanks for sharing all this stuff Bonney. I’m impressed with how much you know about your parents’ and grandparents’ stories and how much of your childhood you remember. I wish I knew as much about my own family’s history. 


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    1. Don’t forget how much is due to my father being such a marvellous keeper of the records plus photographer….only snippets are memories but they are detailed. Anyway, Stevie, it is a pleasure to share. I think you will emerge in Pt 5 in photos if not a little more. x


      1. Looking forward to reading Part 5.



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    1. Well, I have n idea what your ‘promotions’ means but my stuff being there wont do you any good at all! Besides, it probably means you haven’t been up-to-date. Still, this Émigré piece is all I am working on and there are big gaps between publishing its parts. I think you will enjoy reading about Auburn Rd. Any thoughts or comments if it touches your childhood, please let me know. I had an unexpected, long and lovely response from Kenni Whyte!
      Hope all is good with you, Warm regards, Bonney


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