horror of horrors

After so much editing and spell checking of the body of Part 3 who would believe I would make a typo in the Post!?! Emighre instead of Emigre is what some of you received before I noticed it 2 minutes after sending, cancelled the post in a whizz, and re-sent corrected. I was going to ignore it, but am too much of a perfectionist and am embarrassed for those who received the misspelt version. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. x

8 thoughts on “horror of horrors

  1. Ys it was pretty scandalous and clearly indicates a loosening of the tight grip you keep on your faculties…however Im sure we can overlook it this once!



  2. Fear not! 99.999 is a remarkable score. And quite possibly (thinking like me) the word may be a correct one in a foreign language.

    Always appreciative of your work, Libby


  3. Hello Bonney,

    Such a wonderful insight into your family’s life and past times.

    Genuinely love your writing.

    Best, Rosie xo


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