Hello again!

Hope this finds all going well and enjoying summer.

The Émigré Story continues and Part 4, All of our Days, is now up on the website under WRITING The Émigré Story – Part 4 .

A brief recap is in order. And as with my related artwork of the 1990’s, underpinning it all is the knowledge that, though this is my parents’ story, it is also mine and now yours to share. And the plight of refugees remains universal and timeless.

Part 1: begins in Vienna, the birthplace of my parents, Hans and Gerta. It traverses the years of rising antisemitism and oppression, of Hitler’s rise to power, and the desperation to seek an escape from Europe. It ends in Australia in 1939 shortly after their arrival, grateful to have found refuge. The Émigré Story – Part 1

Part 2: is the grim story of my maternal grandparents, Max and Lola, and the failed attempts to save them from their terrible fate in the Holocaust. The Émigré Story – Part 2

Part 3: Starting Anew, has been a challenging and fascinating journey with unexpected insights into my parents’ younger lives and my early childhood experiences. I hope it is as interesting for you too. The Émigré Story – Part 3

Part 4: All of our Days, a journey through childhood memories up to the age of seven, a taste of the 1950’s—the magic of visits to my father’s photographic studio and shopping at the market and continental deli nearby with my mother, the lingerie factory of my ‘other father’, a trip to town where my mother finally could get ‘a decent cup of coffee’ and share the delicious Cremeschnitte pasty with me, the local lolly shop, and a trip to the dentist! I hope you enjoy the retelling as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I am sure it will bring back memories for those of you who lived through this era though through a different cultural focus than mine. The Émigré Store – Part 4

Please note there is a text-only DOWNLOAD for each part for those who dislike reading on computers or other devices.


8 thoughts on “THE ÉMIGRÉ STORY – PART 4

  1. Thank you Bonn, many of theses memories are similar to my experience when I left the country to live in Melbourne, of course you knew the people personally and I only heard snippets as I shopped and ate pasties. I roomed with a German student one year and her mother had left Germany as a practising doctor, post war she was not welcomed and as well never practised medicine in Australia, did some sort of hospital work I recall.


  2. Hi Bonney,

    Just found The Emigre Story Part 4 on my little laptop – we arrived in Melbourne 2 days ago and will read the story with great interest tomorrow – still a bit jet-lagged – will speak in the next few days – remind me when of a day is convenient. Love, Dxx



  3. Hi Bonney,

    Another fascinating segment – thank you.

    The vanilla vanillekipferl happens to be one of my fav treats. My Greek girlfriend makes them each Easter and they are always VERY welcomed!

    I also used to visit the city with my Mum in the 60’s. When Myer advertised their clothing bargains in the newspaper Mum would make it a yearly outing for us to board the train to Flinders Street, walk up to Myer and purchase a new dress for me for “special” occasions and we would then go to Coles cafeteria for lunch. If you google something like – old Coles cafeteria – you will see what it was like. Such a hoot looking back on it now. Memories!

    Best to you and John.

    Rosie xo


    1. Thanks Rosie, yes I thought those of our age who grew up here would relate to this. Precious memories arn’t they? And I DID see image of Coles caf! Just back from a couple of wks away so looking forward to getting back into writing. Most of next section completed. x bb


  4. Hi Bonney (and Jon of course!!)

    Life has been INSANE here the last couple of months. Juggling too many balls, but no choice. No social life either.

    Kerry just said you’ve had a sleepover! How wonderful 😊 We’re trying to get her to overnight in Brisbane when we are there for a preliminary mediation session on 10 th march.

    Promise to read when I have a spare moment from legal and other stuff.

    Promise to have you for lunch even if it might be in a few months time!!

    Hope all is well and wonderful.

    XOXO Suzette

    Ps Stop High Rise art exhibition going gangbusters with donated works! People are wonderful.


  5. Hi Bonney,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read pt4 ( a couple of times)…the detail and the way you scan your memory are intriguing elements to me.

    I’m pretty loopy at present. Marg’s just had Hip No2 done – all good, due home tomorrow. At the same time I’m trying to muster my art group towards our group show which is due to start on 20th this month.

    When this, plus a few smaller tasks, confront me I go into Zombie mode so I just sent admiring thoughts your way and return to my dark world until I see some light – maybe at the end of March



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