I have been involved in a number of projects working in schools with children, predominantly in Queensland (see Curriculum Vitae).
The longest was the two-week Artist-in-Residence in Bowen, which incorporated several feeder primary schools, and Bowen High School. Feedback from all primary schools was most positive where I worked with children on various projects. One of note is the Mural at Queens Beach Primary, which can be seen from the main street, Our Australia Then And Now, Year 7. Concept designed by the artist to engage the children in a variety of collaborative processes and ideas about themselves, their environment and the history of Australia to produce a bas relief wall installation of shaped figurative images representing social, historical and personal images about Australia in keeping with Bowen’s tradition of murals but a new, contemporary approach with dynamic movement.

Years 9 – 10: Installation/Assemblage
The children were asked to bring a collection of interesting/odd/personal items to contribute to the collaborative construction of a colourful large-scale installation incorporating a table, chair, ladder etc to form the basic structure on and around which other objects were placed. The children made drawings using the installation as a starting point. The resultant art works were publicly displayed as part of the Bowen State High School 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Years 11 – 12: Stolen (Assemblage)
2 permanent large-scale multiple-part wall assemblages based on Stolen Generation (mixed media on photocopies, various scale). Based on the Stolen Generation, each student will produce one or more works to be assembled as a multiple part work on the wallboards provided

Year 8: Our Multicultural Australia, Bowen Primary School.
Exploration of the multicultural theme in the context of a significant number of aboriginal and islander and some Asian students. Works included in Multicultural festival and then to become permanent works on display at the school.

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE BOWEN HIGH SCHOOL 2001, Stolen, overall 400 x 280cm