I have always loved working in mixed media. Using both oils and acrylics as a base, I have variously incorporated oil stick, earth pigments, plastic and other beach detritus and collaged elements.


Mixed media & collage on canvas board,15 X 10cm, incorporating material pertinent to my father after his death


Astronomy was amongst my father’s many interests. After his death, I found old Sky Maps, delicate and beautiful, with wondrous names of stars in our galaxy. Filed away with so much other material for possible use in my work, they come to life again collaged onto canvas boards over which paint is applied in the colour of sky or the purple of thunderous cloud, the Sky Map a poetic echo in the cosmos beyond.



14 – panel installation, each 23cm x 30cm, overall 220cm x 150cm mixed media on photocopy on board
First exhibited in Bringing Them Home, Indigenous Conference Services, Gold Coast City Art Gallery,1999