BALI 2020

The Bali 2020 travel diary was written as a blog- you can find it on Home page under POSTS. The photographs below follow that diary, re-using the same headings.


..and the nearby village of Sengkidu where we walked most days


Just two days before starting the ‘real Bali’ travels

Ubud: Taman Indrakila & The Elephant Cafe

Our third stay at Taman with its spectacular views overlooking the Campuhan Ridge and , when clear, Mt Agung, ‘The Mother Mountain’which erupts periodically. The glorious gardens spill down the steep slope, the pool is many steep steps down, not always brilliant with older hips! The Elephant Cafe, is located on the property but owned by an Australian man and not only serves the free breakfast for Taman guests but as a good vegetarian restaurant, attracts travellers and tourists from all over Ubud. The staff are a delight. I have a few favorites- Ida, Eka and Wayan. Miss them already!

Ubud: The Campuhan Ridge Walk

Ubud:’The Slovenians’ & Warung Pulau Kelapa Organic Garden Food

So our dear Slovenian family in one of our many ‘international’ get-togethers. Warung Pulau Kelapa is one of Jon’s and my favorite eating places in the area of Ubud we stay. The food is traditional Javanese, outstanding and they have huge organic gardens on the other side of that bridge, growing much of their food needs for the cafe

Ubud: Traditional Balinese Dance

Ubud: Yellow Flower Cafe Walk

My favorite walk from Taman Indrakila-cross the noisy, fume-filled road, down the hill for a few minutes, up some inconspicuous concrete steps between two building …. and follow your nose (well almost- couple of dog-legs) and voila, enter the beautiful path toward Penestanan.

Ubud: Miscellaneous, food

Janet de Neefe’s restaurant Indus, is just up the road from Taman, upmarket by Balinese standards but incredibly inexpensive and a brilliant setting and exemplary service with most delicious food. Janet De Neefe has another restaurant in central Ubud, Cafe Luna and also started and runs the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, a major international event. What a woman!

Lovina: Our Balinese Family

Our Balinese Family at their Warung. In a few days its Galungan, one of the major ceremonies, so preparation of the canang sari (offerrings) by the women all over Bali is well underway- costly and time-consuming but everyone loves doing it

Lovina: Summer Guesthouse

Our home away from home in Lovina. This is our third stay here and we are welcomed back. Ketut says Hello Bu, Bu being short for Ibu, a term meaning mother or a term of endearment for someone (a mature woman) you like. Summer Guesthouse is a two-minute walk from our ‘daughter’ wayan’s warung (restaurant), so perfect for us.

Lovina: The Green Walk

Daily early morning, my absolute favorite walk from Summer Guesthouse in opposite direction from main road and Wayan’s warung ending up in the village.

Lovina: The Local Village (Kalibukbuk)

Part of my daily early morning walk before the heat and humidity became unbearable. Such wonderful sights, each day something new to discover, perhaps someone familiar to bump into and chat to before staggering home dripping!,

Lovina: The Fishermen’s Village

Another of my favorite walks.

Lovina: Miscellaneous

Out and about in ‘central’ Lovina, some cafes, including the air-conditioned Cafe Greco of the good coffee (gaggia machine) and that fantastic ‘Napoleon’, a variant of the European -style vanilla slice. In German it would be called Cremeschnitte, literally cream slice and the owner of the cafe is Dutch, so added a variant to the menu. My Jon, who speaks no German, playfully calls it Cream Schnitzel, what a hoot! The cafe is on the corner of the main road and one of the two small streets that wind to the beach. The only set of traffic lights are right here so it’s the best place for people watching- traffic watching actually, and that means people on motorbikes. Note how many people, kids and babies included, fit on one bike!